How to Convert JPG to AI Vector Image on Windows?

Adobe Illustrator is a most widely used program for creating vector-based graphic files. A file saved by Adobe Illustrator is named as AI. So, if you want to do some work with Adobe Illustrator program, then you should first convert your regular jpg or jpeg to AI vector image format. There are a huge variety available around the internet that helps to export jpg as AI file format, but not all of them perform consistently. For user selection convenience, we gathered a few best converters that function to export JPG as AI without any huge manual intervention. 

No doubt both JPG and AI images are editable, but if you want to proceed with some technical editing related tracing and presets, then AI comes first. You can easily convert JPG to vector AI file format with the navigations offered by online converter for free.


This is one of the best and full-fledged JPG to AI converters by that alters JPG to AI vector files conversion online. If your image file is not saved on your desktop drive, you can simply copy and paste the URL of it that you want to convert with this converter. Start navigating with the below-mentioned steps that lets you create Adobe Illustrator (AI) vector files from existing JPG or JPEG images. 

  • Just launch the online converter website by searching ot over the web
  • Then, you simply have to make a click on the folder icon for uploading the JPG image file that you’re going to turn to an vector AI format. Alternatively, you can make a drag and drop or just copy and paste the URL to upload the JPG file and press the Add URL
  • Wait for the couple of seconds for this JPG to AI converter analyzed your uploaded image file type, press Convert, and then Download to save it


Same like the above-discussed web-based application, Autotarcer is referred to as the best online converter that functions to convert JPG to AI illustrator format. Its GUI is easy to navigate, no special skills required to save jpg as a vector graphic file format. You can now make certain adjustments related to smoothness and despeckle to attain the better image quality. This free to use JPG to AI converter does not allow you to convert multiple images to Adobe AI format. If you decided to turn a single JPG into AI vector format, then it’s time to follow these steps:

  • To start, you ought to search for the image converter from the web-source
  • Then, make a click on the Choose File button that lets you import JPG image file into this converter
  • From the given Select Output Format option, all you need to make a selection for the AI Adobe Illustrator (this is given on the available vector image options)
  • To make JPG to AI conversions with this app, you just require to make a click on the Start button


FileStar is an offline JPG to AI converter, you people don’t require an internet connection to make the conversions. It is indicated as the super-fast conversion source that lets you transform multiple images simultaneously. However, prior to exporting JPG as AI, you have to download this converter on your desktop. It not only functions to convert raster image to vector file, but also helps to turn image into STL (3D) format. Simply stick to these steps to make jpg to ai conversions with FileStar:

  • At first, you ought to download the latest version of FileStar, then just follow the installation and setup. Once done, you have to launch it onto your device
  • From its user interface, you ought to make a click on the + icon for adding the JPG image that you need to convert
  • Once you upload the JPG image file, this program will prompt what you like to do with it, and simply the type converts to AI
  • Right after that, you just require to make an instant click on the Convert for saving the final converted AI file to the directory