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Regarding any downloads made available on or through CPSTester Site, you acknowledge and understand that you have a privilege of license to certain downloads, the fact that you do not have any intellectual rights in these kinds of downloads, and that your usage of such downloads could be governed by an appropriate end user license agreement. Users are also agreeing that they are not allowed to alter, duplicate, monetize, resell, or use a file in any additional way that is against the law or other legislation.

Online Competitions

You acknowledge that you are bound either by Online Competition Rules, any additional rules CpsTesters may specify from time to time, and by CpsTesters’ choices, which are absolute in all issues concerning the Contests if you participate in any competition that is run on or via our website CPSTesters.com and any other Upcoming Site or Server.

In compliance with the Competition Rules, we have the authority to exclude any participant and/or winner at our sole discretion without prior notice.

Information provided to us

To receive additional details about us or the services listed on this website, you can contact us using the information given at your discretion. When you do, you acknowledge that any of this information will become our asset and may, subject to our duties under our Privacy Policy, be used by us or anyone, copied, published, transferred, displayed, changed, or redistributed.

We will use every piece of information we learn about you from using the website in conformity with our Privacy Policy. For information on how we may handle your data, carefully check our privacy statement.

Changes to the Site’s Terms of Service

The above Terms and Conditions, which may be updated from time to time, supersede all prior agreements and represent the entire understanding between our user and CPSTesters about your usage of this Website and any other Potential Site or Server. You accept all the conditions and policies by using this website.

The right to periodically alter current terms and conditions is reserved by CPSTesters. If so, the revised version will take effect whenever it is posted on this website. Other amendments to any of these terms and conditions must be made in written form and signed by a duly authorized representative of our website before they take effect.

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