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CPS Test stands for click per second test, this tool is built for gamers who want to check how fast they can click on their mouse button, which is calculated by a counter.

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What Is CPS Test

The “Click Speed Game” that measures your speed in clicks per second is the most challenging. When this option is selected, the frequency with which the mouse button is clicked will be recorded. You can determine your click-through rate by taking part in one of the numerous online games that are currently available. These games are frequently referred to as the “cps test” and the purpose for which they are designed is to evaluate the speed and accuracy of clicking. Believe me when I say that the more clicks you make do not necessarily equate to a negative outcome. I realize that this may sound ridiculous.

Tests that are completed in one second are commonly referred to as Cps. This cps checker exam, as the name suggests, assesses a user’s ability to click the mouse button a given number of times in a single second. The programs that are nowadays available on the internet provide you with the opportunity to put your clicking abilities to the test in several different scenarios.

Analysis of large amounts of data has shown that the typical CPS is 6.69, however, Google asserts that the record is 14.1. Scores obtained using mobile and tablet devices can be slightly higher than those obtained using desktop PCs. Since the 5th of September 2019, there have been a total of 16,213,552 people who have taken part in this CPS counter survey. Starting on the 6th of July, 2022. The typical number of times that a single examinee tried to take the test was approximately 5.22 times. One way to think about it is the number of clicks that occur in one second.

CPS Test
CPS Test

This suggests that your score will increase as you make more clicks, which is normally a good thing. The game is set to run for five seconds by default, but users can use a pull-down menu on the right-hand side of the page to select from a variety of different time options. The majority of it is composed of clicks occurring every ten seconds, fifteen seconds, thirty seconds, sixty seconds, one minute, and one big click occurring every one hundred seconds.

Preparing For Click Speed Test

Before getting started with the game, the player needs to give some consideration to a great deal of information. Access to a rapid broadband connection is required. Because the click speed test is completed online, a dependable internet connection is required to complete it.

The actual hardware is an important part of the system. Before you attempt to play the game, you need to make sure that the mouse is correctly attached and that all of the switches are operational.

On the other hand, some gamers are so serious about their clicking that they buy a mouse specifically for that purpose. To accumulate the maximum number of points, another piece of advice is to maintain as much immobility as you possibly can.

Features of CPS Test

Cps test’s features are as follows:

  • Interfaces that are intuitively designed across all of your devices.
  • It provides a comprehensive selection of testing periods, ranging from one second to one hundred seconds.
  • The most secure of all the software that runs on the web.
  • Because of this, you have access to a limitless number of opportunities to hone your skills and achieve levels of success that are superior to those you have achieved in the past.

How To Perform CPS Test?

Step 1

To begin, click the “Click Here to Start Playing” button on the “clicking pad” at the top of the screen.

Step 2 

After you’ve pressed the button, keep clicking the mouse as quickly as you can within the allotted time. Time will be displayed on a clock that sits atop the touch screen.

Step 3 

The player’s ultimate score will be revealed once time has elapsed. The player’s CPS will be displayed as their final score.

How To Calculate CPS Test Manually?

To calculate the number of clicks that you receive in one second, simply divide the total number of clicks that you have received by the total amount of time that has elapsed in seconds.

Clicks Per Second (CPS) = Total Number of Clicks / Total Time in Seconds.

You can also check your clicking speed through Butterfly Click Test

CPS Tracker

CPS Tracker will keep a running tally of the total number of clicks you make throughout a certain period when you are taking the CPS clicks per the second exam. Consider the following thought experiment: you have five seconds to see how many times you can click your mouse in that time. During the test, your click rate on the cps clicker test would have been six clicks per second had you hit the mouse button thirty times in the span of five seconds. In this particular test, your clicks per minute (cps) score will be computed by dividing your total number of clicks by the amount of time you spend working on the test. This instrument can also be referred to as a CPS Checker.

Role of CPS Timer

A cps timer will be used to limit the amount of time that any form of cps counter can last. The results of clicking tests can be compared using this convenient tool. By selecting a timeframe before the exam begins, users will be able to discover how many clicks they have performed during the assessment. Additionally, his score on the CPS click speed test will be revealed in a short period from now on.

Types of Click Test

Many different click tests can be used to analyze the human click rate.

Space Bar

Counting the number of times, you push the space bar is another method for determining clicking speed. In this particular instance, we adhere to the identical method and criteria as we used in the mouse experiment. The sum of all of the times that a user clicked or pressed the space bar key within a given period. This can be either an actual count or an estimate. Additionally, this is often computed over five seconds. The user can modify the period, which is one of the available options, to better meet their requirements if they so choose.

Complete Mouse

One approach to evaluating one’s clicking speed is through the usage of a mouse. One way to estimate a person’s clicking speed is to count the number of times they click the mouse button within a predetermined amount of time. Five seconds is the common time interval that is used for calculating click speed. However, the menu provides the option to change the settings.


The Scrolling is yet another well-known and useful method of putting a gamer’s skills to the test. In most cases, individuals utilize this tool to evaluate the rate at which their mouse scrolls and the responsiveness of their scroll buttons.

Ranking in CPS

The degree of a player’s performance is typically rated and categorized by the website in question. A website may place the weakest participants in the “Turtle” level, while those with the quickest thumbs are given the “Cheetah” rating. That is, in a perfect world, everyone would be able to compete against those with similar skill levels. An excellent illustration of the different ways that players can be grouped is provided here:


For the slowest of the slow, check out the turtles. Players in this group can’t manage over five clicks per second.


Those who can achieve a click rate of five to ten per second are classified as “octopi,” the highest level of player.


In the spirit of the cheetah, only the quickest of fingers need to be applied. You’re at the right place if you can click faster than ten times per second. You have a fast mouse and are in the top clickers.

CPS Test World Records

CPS In 1 Seconds

Maximum frames per second at 30 fps. Tester in charge of cps success goes dragons! You can also check yours from 1 Second CPS Test.

CPS In 3 Seconds

Maximum frames per second at 19 (57 clicks). Finished by the Slovenian cps tester Roko Skrabl. You may want to check it from 2 Second CPS Test.

CPS In 5 Seconds

Max CPS in 5 seconds is 20. (100 clicks). Completed by Jovelyn, a cps tester from Malaysia. You can check yours from 5 Second CPS Test.

CPS In 10 Seconds

The highest possible CPS in that time frame is 23.9. (239 clicks) accomplished by American cps tester Yukang Jiang. Figure out yours from 10 Second CPS Test.

CPS In 15 Seconds

The highest possible CPS in the time frame is 18.6. (279 clicks). Tester Gobstoppa from Australia was able to achieve this. I have checked mine from 15 Second CPS Test.

CPS In 30 Seconds

The highest CPS recorded in that time frame was 16.6. (497 clicks). American cps tester xCozmicNinja is responsible for this accomplishment.

CPS in 60 seconds

The maximum frames-per-second (CPS) in 60 seconds is 13. (782 clicks). United States cps tester xCozmicNinja is responsible for this accomplishment.

CPS in 100 seconds

CPS peak is 13.0 for the full 100 seconds (1301 clicks). This was accomplished by American cps tester xCozmicNinja.

CPS in 180 seconds

Maximum CPS in 180 seconds is 13. (2459 clicks). Validated by the cps tester Lukstar129.

CPS with one finger

Maximum CPS in 10 seconds from a single finger is 12.2. (122 clicks). Success was achieved by American cps tester Yukang Jiang.

CPS Test Unblocked

The majority of people evaluate their speed based on how quickly they can run or decide between two options. This is the most common definition of speed. However, people tend to forget about yet another sort of speed, which is the rate at which they can click. As a direct consequence of this, the click speed test unblocked was developed to simplify the process of measuring and improving clicking speed.

We Also Have Manual Click Test To Check Your Clicking Speed

You can perform the click speed test with no barriers in place to evaluate the rate at which your fingers can move. The examination can be initiated by going to the website and selecting the “start” button there. The objective of this game is to achieve the highest possible number of clicks within the time limit of one second. Your final result will be reported in centi seconds (cps), which stands for cycles per second (clicks per second).

How To Increase Clicking Speed In CPS Tracker?

The record is the best in every period. In terms of clicks per second, speed and reflexes are the only factors that matter. Your clicks per second will increase in direct proportion to how fast your reflexes are. Some methods and gimmicks can be quite useful in raising the click-through rate.

CPS Counter
CPS Counter Guide

Practice Clicking

It has been stated that practice makes perfect, so if you want to put in as much time as you like on the click speed tester, feel free to do so. Following that link will save your current CPS rating. Find out where you stand in comparison to people from other parts of the world and evaluate how well you truly do with the score. Any player of Minecraft who has a CPS of six or higher can confidently call themselves skilled. Do not stop taking the test over and over, and make sure that you are keeping track of your score after each new attempt. Through consistent practice, you may be able to increase your speed.

Invest in a Gaming Mouse

Alternately, you can increase the pace of your clicks by switching from a standard mouse or trackpad to a mouse designed specifically for gaming. The sensors on a gaming mouse are often more responsive, accurate, and fast than those found on a regular mouse. The typical, low-priced mouse can have a delay of 10–12 milliseconds. You should be able to lower that down to 0.5 milliseconds or even 1 millisecond by using a gaming mouse. Even if you get a high-end gaming mouse, you still need to put in some practice time to become proficient with it.

Keep a Firm Handhold

There are a variety of mouse grips available, which you can try out. Pick the mouse grip that feels the most natural in both your hand and the mouse itself, whether that’s the palm grip or the clawed grasp. If you appropriately place your fingers, it will be easier on your hand.

  • Muscles, chill out. The likelihood of making a mistake is increased when muscles are tense.
  • Keep your fingers close to the mouse; it can be difficult to use if you have to stretch too far for it. It is going to be difficult for you to increase your click rate.
  • It is important not to use excessive force on the mouse because this can result in friction, which will slow down your clicks.
  • Relax your mind so you can have the best possible control over your mouse.

How To Break CPS Test Record

To break every record that has ever been set is one of the goals of this world. The only things that are required are consistent practice, perseverance, and a few recommendations if you want to set new benchmarks and destroy ones that already exist.

Clicking techniques such as jitter clicking, butterfly clicking, the Kohi click tester, and drag clicking are just some of the many options available to you if you want to improve the number of times that you click in one second. The use of these tactics will assist players in increasing the speed at which they click. In addition, rather than using a standard laptop mouse, it is recommended that you utilize a gaming mouse instead. You will notice a considerable boost in your frames per second after switching to a different version of the game.

If you are serious about breaking existing CPS records and setting new ones, then the only thing that will help you is consistent practice and mastery of these strategies.

Auto Clicker

Mouse on auto clicker is a tool that is utilized by cheaters, as implied by the name of the instrument itself. Following that, the mice can be configured to click on their own autonomously. The user of certain kinds of the mouse can program the device to do clicking actions on their behalf with the assistance of the software that comes preinstalled on the device. This is the default configuration for determining the clicking speed of the gaming mice that are under consideration.

Every time a particular webpage is being viewed by a user. They continue to read, and as they do, several questions begin to arise in their minds. There are some vital inquiries in this list, but there are also those that are vexatious and pointless to ask. In light of the vast number of different questions that could be asked, I have prepared a set of questions that, to the best of my knowledge, should be adequate to answer any of those questions.

CPS Test and the Game Minecraft

What is CPS in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, the click rate per second (CPS) is measured to determine a player’s overall proficiency. The ability to click quickly is directly correlated with PvP performance, making it crucial for success on Minecraft PvP servers.

A high frame rate (FPS) has always been an asset in Minecraft 1.8-based PvP and will continue to be so in the foreseeable future. This is mostly because you have a better opportunity to score an early victory by landing a critical hit or by trapping your opponent in a fatal combo.

Minecraft player-versus-player matches can be broken down into four distinct clicking categories.

1.      Extremely Slow Clicking

First, you have difficulty if your click rate is really low (1-3 CPS). You’ve done an outstanding job of tracking clicks. It makes no sense to click so slowly unless you’re engaging in a speed II chase-hit.

2.      Moderately Slow Clicking

If your click rate is between 4 and 7 CPS, you should be fine for PvP. The ability to maintain a steady aim when PvPing is a significant advantage of slow clicking, as is the elimination of the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome prematurely.

3.      Moderately Fast Click

Between 8 and 13 CPS is when things become difficult in Minecraft PvP. Your jittery clicking hand doesn’t get you very far.

4. Incredibly Rapid Click

This could get confusing. A strange advantage is granted to players who can click at a rate of 14 or more CPS. You “break” your sprint whenever you get stuck in Minecraft PvP. To gain more “Reach” on a player, you should begin with powerful blows.

Minecraft CPS Server

A CPS tester will give you the most precise reading possible. You can get this useful tool at no cost. When playing in player-versus-player (PvP) modes, you can increase your speed by installing a client designed for that purpose. CPS can be measured with a few apps that are readily available online. These programs were developed for the Minecraft CPS server, where users may compare their click rates to others and set new records.

The use of drag-clicking is another method to boost your CPS in Minecraft. This will allow you to click more quickly, resulting in faster shooting and fewer knockbacks. It’s important to remember, too, that this method is not without its caveats. In games where CPS is a factor, having a lower number means you’re more vulnerable to being hit by other players. To gain an advantage over the competition, it is crucial to select a competent CPS.

For those who want to check clicks from right mouse button can also check Right Click CPS Test

You need to learn to click faster if you want to boost your CPS. Your capacity to go to other locations on the map is directly tied to how quickly you can click the mouse. You need a quick mouse if you want to improve your CPS. To raise your CPS, you must train by clicking on blocks while holding a carrot. Then you can see how many times you interacted with each block in Minecraft.

Why is CPS Important in Minecraft?

Clicks per second (CPS) is a popular topic of conversation among Minecraft players. CPS can profoundly alter one’s approach to any player-versus-player minigame in Minecraft or any of the dozens of others available. CPS variations are most obviously visible in the frequency with which damage and knockback are inflicted on the enemy player, which is a direct result of the implementation of Minecraft’s combat system on different servers. As a result of all this, players constantly search for new strategies to enhance their CPS, all of which we shall discuss below.

In addition to giving, you an edge in battle, a high CPS can help you build bridges to cross vacant areas. Among other uses, this may be to invade another player’s SkyWars island and launch an attack. Common with bridging techniques that demand a lot of CPU power, such good bridging.

Simply put, if you land more accurate blows than the enemy player, you will inflict more damage and knockback on them than they will on you. Plus, it simplifies the process of constructing combination attacks. Keep in mind that some servers (such as Survival-only servers) have disabled this form of PvP, making combat on those servers less skill-based. 

Attention to the Techniques

As expected, PvP was a primary focus of the many server types and game variants that emerged shortly following Minecraft’s initial success. The Hunger Games server was one of the earliest examples of a player versus player (PvP) server, and it featured a battle royale mode where players accumulated resources and fought to the death. Soon after, the game modes BedWars and SkyWars emerge as fan favorites. In both of these games, players move between different islands. It’s a battle royale game where players spawn on one of several islands and fight against each other individually or in teams.

Because players could easily register hits on foes more quickly by clicking quicker, CPS became crucial almost early in all these games.

The default attack cooldown in Minecraft Java Edition 1.9 nullifies the CPS advantage introduced in earlier versions. PvP servers for all versions of Minecraft typically disable this, however, if you notice a sword icon in your crosshair following your assault, it implies your next attack will deal less damage to counteract the CPS advantage. This was done to broaden Minecraft’s appeal and make its standard game modes, such as Survival and Creative, easier to get into.


Being able to click quickly in Minecraft can help you in many different aspects of the game, including the creation and arrangement of blocks beneath you. It is utilized in a wide variety of approaches to bridging construction, some of which are Breezily Bridge and God Bridge, amongst a great many more. Having a fast click speed can be useful in a variety of contexts, such as when you’re competing in the Hunger Games and need to crush your opponent. In addition to this, it is an excellent instrument for obtaining a head start on the game and doing rapid harm to your adversary.

Additionally, hurting the animals helps make them move quicker than they were before moving. In addition to this, it was able to remove any obstacles that were standing in your way. In light of the information shown above, it is finally your responsibility to make the most of the opportunities presented by having a clicking speed that is above average.

Is CPS Good For You?

This online activity is fun irrespective of whether you’re a turtle or a mouse. It’s a great way to see how you stack up against others and even better, it can help you grow as a person.

If you’re a gamer, you probably already know the benefits of the CPS test; if not, we’ll explain them to you.

Enhances Talent for Video Gaming

Your clicking speed is of the utmost importance in video games. If you have a quick mouse, you can easily eliminate your rivals in a short amount of time. Players that can think quickly and react quickly are rewarded in games like Apex and valiant, which incorporate shooting. It would be useful to your skillset to take a CPS exam in this circumstance so that you may improve them. One of the nicest features is that you are given an unlimited number of opportunities to complete the task.

Frustrates the Gloom

If you haven’t guessed it by now, the click-per-second tests are by far and away our favorite type of test. They not only give you the chance to put your skills to the test but also provide you with the chance to compete against other people your age. The most sophisticated clicking tests may collect data by making use of Google Analytics to supply a trustworthy standard for comparing the findings.

Break an Existing Record around the Globe

There is a world record for the quickest click when measured in terms of seconds. The record for the most mouse clicks in five seconds was set by Jordan Hum, who was also the person who set the record. It took him five seconds to click seventy times, which is equivalent to fourteen clicks per second (CPS).

As a Method of Reducing Stress

The completion of a CPS exam is an excellent approach for relieving stress and tension. You find that as long as you keep your attention on getting a better CPS score than you had before, you can forget about the things that are stressing you out and concentrate solely on the test. As a direct consequence of this, you will be able to calm down and keep your feelings under control.

Bring Up New Concepts

If you continue to use the CPS test to achieve a higher click per the second score, you will eventually come up with creative and useful strategies to raise that number even further. You will be able to devise novel plans of action to carry out an increased number of clicks than usual, which will, in turn, motivate you to think of even more unique ideas.

Helps in Boosting Attention

You can train your mind to maintain undivided focus by persistently working toward the goal of increasing the number of clicks per second you produce and obtaining a higher CPS rating. By doing this, you may improve your CPS and keep your motivation up for other mundane duties you have to perform.

Accuracy and Consistency Needs to Be Enhanced

CPS enhancement is not a quick fix, which you are likely aware of if you have attempted to use it in the past. A significant investment of time and effort is required to get mastery of the skill of clicking and to increase your CPS. However, once you’ve accomplished that, you’ll find that your behaviors are more congruent with the values that you hold dear.

CPS Tracker FAQ’s

How many clicks per second is fast?

If a player clicks at a rate of 13 CPS or above while doing the test, we can assume that he is a very rapid clicker. In most cases, players who click at a rapid pace will require additional practice to improve their shooting accuracy.

How long does it take to click 1000 times?

If the average clicking pace of a person is eight clicks per second, that is the pace of a regular human, this would take around one minute and twenty-five seconds for a person to click one thousand times. People’s lives consist of more than just sitting around and clicking their mouse.

What is my CPS clicking Pace?

There is no additional work required to see and evaluate your cps click pace. All you have to do to put our Click Speed Testers to use, set a time limit and click in whatever way you like. The test’s final score will appear in a pop-up window whenever time runs out.

What is the average CPS?

Humans typically have a CPS in the 6-to-8 range. Depending on the individual’s level of commitment and resolve. There may be variations among different groups of people. This may help the average cps of the leaner humans on Earth.

How long does it take to click a mouse 10 million times?

I have already mentioned that the human mind prompts you to ponder a variety of questions without any conscious effort. To click a mouse button 10 million times would take around 1,250 000 seconds of your time (1,250,000). As well as roughly twenty thousand eight hundred thirty-four (20,834) hours.

What’s the highest CPS ever?

Our massive dataset shows that the typical CPS is 6.51, but Google claims the all-time high is 14.1. Scores on mobile and tablet devices may somewhat outperform those on desktop computers.

How do you get insane CPS?

Only by countless hours of practice, perseverance, and focus can your CPS be raised to ridiculous levels. You should equip yourself with a good gaming mouse and a reliable internet connection.

What is the average CPS of a gamer?

Expert gamers report an average of 6 frames per second, though this might range from 5 to 7 FPS. As many as ten clicks per second are possible for certain professional gamers. Even though it requires a while, it’s doable with a strong technique and a proper setup.

Final Words For CPS Counter

In this game, you’ll need to have quick reflexes and coordinated hand-eye movement to succeed. This is more of a speed exam than a test of your analytical skills. There is a direct correlation between your click rate and your success. Call it a competition to determine how many times I can press the mouse in one second while maintaining a steady hand. Take a look at what the competition is doing as well. Because of this, you will get stronger and more capable.

In closing, I’ll note that you can’t just expect things to happen; you have to be patient. The secret to success is repetition, practice, and more training. Only by taking this guidance to the heart can you hope to improve as a gamer.

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