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The Jitter Click Test is a clicking technique game that is used by gamers to check their mouse clicking speed.

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The value of clicking speed is understood by serious players, especially in clicker games such as Minecraft and Farmville. It’s startling to learn that you must use a technique because you can’t just practice your speed-ups.

A sophisticated and excellent click tactic that can assist you in significantly raising your click count is clicking with jitter. Users can reach a high click speed of 10 to 14 CPS using jitter clicking. The hand and wrist muscles will tremble, and you can use these vibrations to press the cursor as quickly as you can.

To become an expert at this sophisticated clicking technique, though, does require some practice. Try the jitter click test to determine whether you are getting towards perfection and monitor your development over time to see how close you are.

What is the Jitter Test?

The “Minecraft” community created the Jitter test, a click test. An online free tool called the “jitter test” seeks to test and gauge your click speed. The jitterclick test calculates how many mouse clicks users make in a predetermined amount of time.

Jitter Click is a sophisticated method of hitting the mouse cursor to produce rapid clicking. To achieve a click speed that is more than twice as fast as regular clicking, a unique style of clicking called “Jitter Clicking” is used.

Jitter Clicking

When you employ the jitter clicker technique, you press the mouse cursor very quickly to produce regulated hand vibrations that are then transmitted to the finger, producing several mouse clicks in a short period.

The idea of jitter clicking is to press the mouse more quickly than a human can. For effective performance, a person’s natural heart rate at rest may range from 60 to 80 beats a minute (bpm).

Since mouse can click two times as many times per second as we humans, who move more slowly on our feet, they often have closer rates of approximately 200 fps.

Jitter Click Test
Jitter Click Test

The goal of jitter clicking is to give you the ability to boost your clicks each second so that you can play your favorite games against those other players at a higher level of performance. In other games, like Minecraft, you must quickly click to confront your competitors in PVP.

Your clicking rate must rival the top for you to be a top gamer. Clicking quickly can decide the outcome of some games, thus honing this skill will help us get where we need to be in terms of gaming proficiency.

With jitter clicking, users can reach high click rates of 10 to 14 CPS. This is because the weaker clicks enable more exact positioning, which improves the precision of focusing on the screen regions that require it the most.

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Jitter Click Online Test

We are grateful to the games industry for providing such a fantastic methodology for our gaming friends. In jitter click, a flurry of clicks is produced by using the entire arm muscles rather than just the finger muscles.

Loosen your hands and arm muscles before placing your dominant finger lightly on the cursor button’s tip to create a jitter click.

Then, instead of clicking the mouse button using your fingers, shake your hand muscles to produce a burst of movement that finally produces a high number of clicks per second.

Even though the jitter click mouse technique has been mentioned, as the saying goes, great things require time. Only by extensive, continuous practice sessions from scratch, you can master it.

Fastest Clicking Game, Jitter

The Jitter CPS Test is reportedly a challenging technique in CPS programs. However, for amateur players, it has to be challenging, whilst for skilled or professional gamers, it must be simple. Some novices or beginning may experience stress or a spasm in their hand, palm, wrist, or fingers. The jitter test can take some getting accustomed to for novices. This technique is also referred to as striking.

Online shooter, arcade, and PUBG games all make use of this application. Players in these games must be fast clickers, and they also need to aim quickly. This can also be set for 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or 100 seconds.

Although some claim it is dangerous, it is a universal truth that too much of anything is poisonous. Therefore, you must allow yourself a rest whenever your arm or hand begins to cramp. But over time, novices and amateurs develop into experts as well. In one piece, a blogger claimed that his friend, who practiced long hours, developed pain and a skin rash from using a mousepad. You should still take care, but the article was never validated.

Jitter Click Test Features

This game is optimized for an amazing user experience, like the other games. To perfect their abilities in player vs player, fighting, and other Minecraft gameplay modes, gamers can use this click test that is specifically created for them.

Furthermore, you may test your click rate without needing to install any fancy games or programs. So, push yourself to the maximum and participate in the click marathons to evaluate your click speed and train to perfect it.

How to Choose the Best Device for Jitter Clicking?

Therefore, choosing the right tapping device is more crucial than anything else in this click test. How could you outperform rivals if you lack the necessary tool?

Therefore, having the right mouse might provide you with a significant competitive advantage over your rivals, even if your goal is to perform the most jitter click tests ever.

Jitter Clicking Test Guide
Jitter Clicking Test Guide

When choosing the appropriate gadget, you should keep an eye out for these characteristics.

  1. Because it will be subjected to a lot of hammering, your cursor should be indestructible.
  2. Opt for cutting-edge technology and employ optical and laser mouse rather than conventional and mechanical ones.
  3. Finally, choose a mouse that feels comfortable in your fingers and is the correct size for your hands.

Jitter Clicking’s Purpose

In games, jitter clicking is significant. It allows the player to click numerous times per second, enabling them to get more hits and inflict more damage in games like Minecraft and first-person shooters. Users that employ Minecraft’s jitter click feature have more gaming success. To produce quick clicking, jitter clicking is primarily used.

You can complete the Jitter Clicking Test to evaluate your efficiency or to increase click speed. Try the Jitter-Clicking-In-Game or the Jitter-Clicking-Testers to acquire jitter click training. You would be able to monitor your CPS’s advancements in this way.

Suggestions for Enhancing Jitter Clicking

Purchase a good mouse

Try to avoid using a dust-covered mouse from the 1980s, even if it is a SteelSeries, Logitech, or Razer product. It helps to have a good mouse when jitter-clicking.

As you hold your mouse

It could be difficult for you to grip your mouse and use it to aim while you are jitter clicking. Because of this, holding the mouse requires using only your fingertips instead of your complete hand.

Your hand is tensed

Your hand vibrates the most when you jitter-click, yet it is still strong enough to press the mouse. Your wrist should be slightly elevated off the mouse while your finger should be on the left click pad. It cannot be relaxed in any way. Make sure you take frequent breaks.

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Keep your finger still

Jitter clicking doesn’t require you to click the cursor with your finger. Maintain your finger in position so that you can only click the mouse with the vibrations of your arms.

Accurate arm aim

Whether you are wrist aiming, jitter click won’t work very well. So, you may aim rather than make it much more precise. You must achieve this by locking your wrist in place and moving your entire arm when you must aim.

Bend your hand

Your hand shouldn’t completely encircle your mouse. The left click button must be under your finger, and it ought to be slightly arched. Remember that this can grow tiresome and that getting it right requires practice.

Continue to practice

Mastering this could take some time. Use jitter-clicking while playing games and test your click speed. When you have a mouse that is not plugged in, try jittering for a few seconds at a time. It will eventually become normal. If you are successful, you should get between 7-9. You could achieve 12 cps if you perfect the skill.

Which mouse is ideal for Jittery Clicking?

The device with the newest innovations and, most essential, the one that you feel more comfortable using and that feels pretty good in your palms is the greatest for jitter clicking.

When choosing the finest mouse to increase your clicks per second, there are several aspects to keep an eye out for.


  • You must have a durable mouse in the first place. Because you’ll be clicking quickly and leaving behind a lot of clicking impressions.
  • You occasionally need to click significantly harder than usual; a durable mouse will typically survive longer.

Mechanical vs. Optical Switch

  • The conventional (Mechanical) mouse sends an electrical signal to the computers to communicate click information.
  • Optical switches mouse communicates information with something like a beam of light and does so instantly after clicking, whereas it takes more time than the latter. Compared to the conventional switch, it is much faster.

The Jitter Click Test: Is it harmful to your Health?

We wish to issue a caution since maintaining one’s health is crucial. Limit the amount of time you spend clicking. Based on your frequency, a high rate of jitter clicks may eventually result in issues with your fingers and joints (such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). The effect on health is still present even though it cannot be quantified.

If you click at a rate of between 9 and 15cps, jitter clicking is secure. Avoid going beyond the 15–30 second limit. This can cause severe long-term pain to your fingers, wrist, arm, and hand. When you click beyond your comfort zone, it might gravely harm your hand.

Prevent Physical Damage from Jitter Clicking

As you are aware, using this technique will place too much pressure on your wrist. When jitter clicking, there is a danger that you could sustain physical damage.

Aim to use this method for no more than a few seconds at a time. After performing the jitter click speed test, you should always give your hand some time to relax.

By taking these safety measures, you can aid in your hand’s recovery from the pressure and prevent any long-term health issues.

Carpal Tunneling Syndrome is among the most typical issues that might develop because of continuous jitter clicking. The compression of the nerve root in the forearm is a medical complication.

Despite the lack of concrete evidence, measures should always be taken while dealing with jitter clicking and CTS.

Jitter Clicking FAQ’s

How can I jitter click with a poor or standard mouse?

Even though jitter clicking calls for a suitable mouse, you can nonetheless achieve positive outcomes using a standard or outdated mouse. Therefore, for optimal outcomes, keep things straightforward and generate a lot of clicks using your entire arm. Avoid being too rough on older gadgets because jitter clicking can destroy them.

How quickly does Jitter Clicking go?

It is simple to achieve 9–12 clicks per second for someone who practices jitter click. It may increase to 15 CPS in certain circumstances.

How many CPS does the Jitter Click?

An experienced user can perform 6 CPS, or clicks per second, on average. However, because Jitter Clicking includes hand vibrations, people can achieve up to 10 to 14 CPS while Jitter Clicking. Up to 14CPS can only be reached by professionals.

Can your mouse break by Jittery Clicking?

No, it doesn’t break your mouse, but it drastically shortens its lifespan.

How frequently should you use Jitter Click?

A few times a day, work on quick clicking, but don’t forget the fundamentals. For increased effectiveness, try alternative methods and utilize a comfortable mouse

Concluding Jitter CPS Test

Using the jitter clicking method, you can click quickly and repeatedly. This method is best suited for you if you enjoy clicking-intensive video games. You may learn to do jitter clicking by practicing.

Practice for your clicks testing is the key to obtaining the greatest CPS. However, you must also make sure your gaming mouse has enough keys to accommodate all your clicks. If you are unable to do so, take breaks during sessions and avoid going too hard.

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