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Actions Per Minute Test is an online tester that is used to improve your APM speed, try it now and improve your gaming skills!

What Is APM Test?

The Actions per minute Test is more like an amusing game created to figure out how many actions a player can do at a particular time in any intervention game. Real-time strategy and action games frequently use this phrase to prevail.

In video games, the phrase “action per minute” refers to the number of activities a player can complete in a minute. In other terms, it measures the speed at which your fingers typically move when playing video games. It evaluates a person’s keyboard proficiency and speed. It is important in games that involve activity, combat, and rudimentary strategy.

A player can perform a certain number of actions per minute (APM) when participating in a game. The likelihood of winning would increase with a higher APM.

APM is applicable to many different games, but real-time strategy games benefit the most from it. For instance, real-time multitasking is necessary for games like Age of Empires and StarCraft. A player with a higher APM may complete more tasks in each amount of time than a gamer with a low APM. When playing against opponents online or in tournaments, this offers a substantial edge.

APM Test
APM Test

How To Play Actions Per Minute Game?

This testing is quite easy to take. All users must first have internet access. The second need is that customers have access to a smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop, or iPad.

  • Navigate to the top of this page and begin APM gaming by simply clicking “Start” once the game page has loaded.
  • You can select any level of difficulty. There are three levels of difficulty: standard, hard, and extremely hard. The user’s decision in this option depends on their level of experience, desire for improvement, and other factors.
  • You should use mouse cursor to hit targets that are displayed on the screen as soon as the game begins. Time will pass as this game is played in the meantime. The players can use the APM calculator to evaluate their scores
  • You will be shown the following data following the conclusion of the game: effective clicks and clicks (all clicks, even the erroneous and redundant ones). The user can assess his or her level of success in the game using this information.

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Important Factors in APM Tracker


Accuracy is a crucial component that refers to how effectively the player targets the important objects. This aspect is crucial for both mouse and keyboard operations. Players that make fewer mistakes when clicking and pressing the keyboard will achieve greater accuracy results. The player will then be able to get a greater Action Per Minute Result as a result.

The Action Per Minute will be lower for players who frequently make errors when clicking and pressing the keys. Regardless of how many times the player has addressed the important aspect, this is still the case. It will result in a low Action Per Minute Result because the test will merely not account for those errors.


It is important to click the pertinent targets throughout the allotted time. A player who clicks quickly will strike more targets and is thought to be an effective player with winning potential. Conversely, gamers who click slowly hit fewer targets and aren’t seen as efficient players.

Redundant Actions

Most newcomers make the error of performing redundant or repeating acts. They would begin clicking and striking whatever they came across in the hopes of taking out your adversary. Games including Fortnite, Call of Duty, etc. are where it occurs most frequently.

Although you will surely perform more clicks per minute using this method, your effective actions per minute will not rise.

You are not permitted to select the black boxes while taking this test to prevent you from clicking the same box more than once. In this method, unnecessary actions are automatically decreased.


What is a Good APM gaming?

Most players have an APM between 80 to 100. Every score higher than this is regarded as a Good APM Score.

How do I calculate my APM?

APM is computed by counting the actions each player took within a specific minute. Users can quickly compute APM using our website

What’s a high APM?

In StarCraft 2, 400 to 500 actions per minute are considered a high or “rapid” APM. Professional gamers may surpass 800 APM when playing at their best.

Concluding APM Gaming

And that’s all. I hope you do well on the Actions Per Minute and that you become a better gamer overall. I’m hoping you do well on this APM exam. You can also share the webpage and your results with friends merely for fun and enjoyment. We also have some other tools that you may like: