Online Integral Calculator | How to Calculate Integrals

How can I solve Integrations Easily?

Online Integral Calculator | How to Calculate Integrals

An integral is a numerical value that shows the area under the graph for a specific interval or function. In mathematics, It assigns numerical values to the functions so that they can represent the area, volume, displacement and other concepts. 

Lets take a look at the following types of integrals:

Definite Integrals:

An integral in which the upper and lower limits are defined is known as the definite integral. Here upper and lower limits are the start and end points. 

Indefinite Integrals:

The integrals that are not defined are known as the indefinite integrals. They basically show the given function which is the derivative f and in return, it provides a function of the independent variable. 

Instead of performing the complex calculation for solving the integral you can easily visit and get the help of an online integral calculator. This online calculator allows users to calculate the integrals without installing any additional software on your smart device. 

How to Calculate Integral?

The solution of integral requires the users to go through a step-by-step procedure. This calculation can be very annoying and time taking for beginners. However to solve the integrals check out the following example:


For function f(x) = x – 1, calculate the definite integral if the given interval is [2, 8].


Write down the function F(x).

F (x) = x – 1.

Interval = [2, 8].

Now by evaluating the integral of the function.

∫ (x−1) dx = (x2/2) – x + C.

As, a = 2, and b = 8,

F(a) = F(2) = (22/2) – 1 = 1.

F(b) = F(8) = (82/2) – 10 = 22.

The difference between the upper limit F(a) and lower limit F(b) of the integral.

F (b) – F (a) = 22 – (1) = 21.

If you don’t want to perform the whole calculation step by step then get the help of an advanced integral calculator and perform the calculation instantly. 

How to Calculate Integral Online?

Go through the following two easy steps to solve the integrals online:

  • Firstly, access an integration calculator. 
  • Now add the equation, variable and limits in the specified fields and click on the “calculate” button to proceed with the calculation and that’s all. 

Benefits of Using an Online Calculator:

Let’s see the following benefits of using an online calculator:

  • An online calculator saves you from wasting your efforts in the whole calculation.
  • Provides a step-by-step solution for better understanding.
  • Instant and Accurate Results. 

Final Words:

Performing the manual integral calculation is a difficult process so rather than dragging yourself in a long calculation, get the help of an online indefinite or definite integral calculator as per the need. It will let you solve the integrals in a matter of seconds without requiring you to sign up or go through any time taking registration process.