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Our Key Rollover Test will help you to check out how many keys you can register on your mechanical keyboard!

Directions: Type some keys.

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What Is Key Rollover?

The number of keys that a keyboard can register simultaneously is referred to as a key rollover. When the x-key rollover is written (where x is a number), the x stands for the maximum number of keys that could be used. Thus, it is a guarantee that each combination of any random x keys will function as intended.

A keyboard with no restrictions at all is referred to as an “N-key rollover,” meaning that you may conceivably press every key at once.

Key Rollover Test

A Keyboard rollover test is used to check how many keys a keyboard can register at once. For instance, a 6-key rollover allows you to simultaneously press any six keys and have them all properly register. It should be noted that there is no assurance that combinations with more than six keys will also function, therefore there is no upper limit.

Even though the majority of manufacturers follow the defined summary of key rollover, some have employed quite unusual counts to arrive at a larger key rollover value. A common key rollover count is one such alternate counting approach that incorporates, for instance, the possible key combinations for the modifier buttons (Ctrl, Alt, Shift, etc.). This obviously does not suit the description.

Key Rollover Test
Key Rollover Test

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How to Test NKRO on your Keyboard?

You can simply execute the n key rollover test or NKRO test by utilizing a text program like Microsoft Word in addition to looking up the manufacturer’s requirements to see what n-key rollover your keyboard offers.

Start by simultaneously pressing two keys, noting the keys you are pressing. Then, go up one key and match your results to the key presses seen on your screen.

Make sure NKRO is turned on if you’re anticipating NKRO from your keyboard but aren’t seeing the right number of keystrokes. On some keyboards, you must press a certain key combination or activate the keyboard’s software in order to activate the NKRO feature.


What is the rollover of my keyboard?

Hit the three, four, and five keys all at once to test the rollover number. The keypad has a rollover if that many keys are displayed on the screen at once.

How do I test my rollover keyboard?

To check your rollover keyboard, try our online key rollover test. It is the quickest and most straightforward approach to show precise results.

What is a good key rollover?

For typing is 2-key rollover advised. Six key rollover is advised for gaming. In games, you’ll most likely quickly encounter key combinations which won’t work and have a miserable gaming experience as a result.

Is 6 key rollover enough for gaming?

Great gaming keyboards include a least 6-Key Rollover to avoid ghosting. Many gamers and others who type quickly can use 6KRO’s ample concurrent keystroke capacity.

Are all mechanical keyboards N-key rollover?

Membrane keyboards are not well recognized for having n-key rollover due to limitations in how they are built, whereas mechanical keyboards are.

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