History of Online Games From Earlier 1900s

Online gaming history is no less than a knowledge treasure for gaming enthusiasts. Every gamer should like to know it because it gives them an idea about the background of online games’ ancestors and how those games were modified to bring the latest versions of the present advanced games.

So let’s know the history of online gaming in a crispy detailed way by just scrolling down.

Detailed History of Online Games

We find many inventions associated when we look at the history of online games. In the earlier 1900, there were no advanced technologies and other facilities like with which we are blessed today. But even at that time, the concept of playing games was present.

Even though the people of this decade could not comfortably play games anywhere and on any platform they wanted, they still had a passion for playing games. Thus before the invention of any specific computer for playing games, they began playing games to satisfy their enthusiasm for playing using telegraphs. Some even used to send letters to their friends to play games. It persisted for a while before a proper digital computer came into being.

History of Online Games
History of Online Games

First Digital Game

Again, we should know that the gaming invention was associated with another skillful contrivance. Basically, in 1947 a device was manufactured for the amusement of cathode rays.

Then in 1950–1951, NIMROD was developed, building on this concept. It’s nothing more than the first digital computer. As a result, NIM was developed to evaluate its processing speed. It gets the honor of the first digital game. It was a game mainly consisting of 2 players.

Second Digital Game

After the discovery of the first digital game, the initial startup or journey of gaming history took place, but it did not stop here and went on with additional changes and improvements in the game. Developers implement these adjustments when creating other brand-new video games. As a result of which, the new games had more attractive features. They were so impressive that people could not stop being attracted to them, leading to the development of the second computer game called OXO. It was available for gaming enthusiasts in 1952.

Multiplayer Game

The modifications kept improving, and finally, a time came when some software developers developed a multiplayer game called “Spacewar” in 1962. This game had much more advancements, like the platform setup and the addition of characters. It caught the attention of many game lovers leading to the triumph of the manufacturing company, which in response inspired other companies to try their luck in the gaming field. This motivation of several gaming companies created a pathway for real competition in the gaming world, which has been going with us till the present.

Gaming Consoles Invention

From 1963 onwards, developers thought about why not discover some exciting features for their gamers. Accordingly, with this scientific approach in mind, they came with a gaming console for homes, thus allowing gaming enthusiasts to enjoy the gaming experience with their friends in their cozy spots.

The gamers could enjoy games with the consoles like “The Brown Box,” followed by the invention of the “Periscope” and some other arcade games.

Internet Invention

Now a time comes when scientists work on host-based networks, and time-sharing pays off. Time-sharing mostly relies on host-based networks’ processing. After the development of these two networks, another advanced form called “The Internet” took place. It is the turning point of advanced online games from offline computer-based games, attracting a large mass of gamers.

Atari Build-up

Over that course, in 1972, a French developer named Atari SA kicked off a brand known as Atari. It was the first-ever brand providing the basis for other companies to develop their games. Atari, having 200+ video games, consoles, and multiplayer games, is no more unknown to anyone.

Games During 1972-1975

Several games, including consoles, shooter games, and role-playing, were an excellent boost for the online gaming industry. You get to know their inventions from 1972 to 1975.

First Shooter Game

Nasa holds the absolute position to launch the first-ever shooter game, “Maze.” During this period, some other games came into the industry with improved functions.

3D Shooter Game

During this time, the 3D shooting game “Spacism” was also created. It included the capability of connecting 32 consoles.

Joystick Entry

The games received minor adjustments to make them better. Meanwhile, the “Joystick” entered the market in 1975. It was created especially to make people feel good about playing arcade games. “Gunfight” was that game that made the use of a joystick.

Internet Contribution

The invention of the Internet officially in 1983 led to a boost in the online gaming industry. Before this, players faced many hard times for their gaming passion. But then, the Internet allowed the feasibility of playing multiplayer games at their chosen platform irrespective of the location and timings.

Online Games in the 1980s

This gaming era is dedicated to the development of games by various programmers. In the early 1980s, Bill Gates discovered Donkey, passing a message to programmers to develop their games.

IP Multicast Contribution to Online Games

In 1984, keeping the network comfortability in mind, a game named MAD was launched by BITNET.gamers have easy access to this game via a Worldwide network.

Online gaming became easily accessible through the invention of IP Multicast in 1989. It enabled gamers to play games easily throughout the world on the Internet.

Online Games till Present

The multiplayer games were available quickly on the Internet after Sega launched Meganet’s online gaming feature in 1990.

Online games were first developed in the late 1980s, but their popularity really took off after 1995. The reason for this is the removal of the limitations implemented by the National Security and Foundation Network.

Wrap Up of The History of Online Games

At the end, we can say that the game’s development initially started to test the computer capacities and then flew away, leading to the current multiplayer games on various platforms.

Some gamers with reasoning minds have a lot of queries related to the games. Accordingly, they can find the history of online gaming valuable and exciting because it contains meaningful solutions to their queries.