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Drag Click Test is the fastest clicking test game that is used to check your drag clicking speed to improve your performance in gaming tournaments & professional usage.

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A drag click cps test is exactly what it seems like if you’re a beginner and don’t understand what it is. Drag clicking is the deliberate movement of a finger all over a mouse button. What motivated someone to do this? To deceive your computer into capturing multiple clicks per second, people will do this.

Drag clicking test is still a legal way to boost your clicks each minute, or CPSs, to offer you a clear competitive advantage over your competitors as many games forbid the usage of software that alters click speed.

What is Drag Clicking Test?

Drag clicking means tricking a mouse cursor into collecting more clicks, for that you must drag your finger across it firmly (left or right). Although it operates in the same way, other individuals may refer to it differently, such as Fazer tapping and tap clicking.

The phrase “drag click” describes a unique method for dramatically raising your CPS in video games. In Minecraft, since clicking quickly is essential to the game, drag clicking is useful.

Drag Click Test
Drag Click Test

Why you must Drag Click?

For a few more mouse clicks, this may seem like a great deal of work, but in videogames such as Minecraft, it can significantly speed up development. Drag Click tester can influence any game where the number of clicks determines the attack rate. Drag Clicking has the drawback of making it harder to control or target the mouse, whereas if the goal is to boost the overall clicks in the CPS test, this is a reasonable trade-off for a lack of fine control.

Keep in mind that drag clicking places a great amount of stress on your mouse, drastically reducing its lifespan by wearing out the sensors. Additionally, it could not function on less sensitive older phones.

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Features of Drag Click Test

This game runs very smoothly on the most recent versions of popular browsers including Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome thanks to its cross-browser compatibility.

Any player can play this game on a computer laptop or mobile phone thanks to these platforms’ responsive design, which makes it both computer and mobile-friendly.

This clicking test is uncomplicated and simple to use because of its simple design.

Why should you learn Drag Click Tester?

It is commonly said to learn drag clicking. However, you need to understand the rationale for this clicking approach before mastering it.

Drag-clicking does not guarantee that you will suddenly advance to a high CPS score and turn into a competitive player. You need to have an overall CPS of roughly 6.51 to improve as a drag clicker. Furthermore, having 14 CPS is ideal. Now that this is the case, you may easily improve your clicking and achieve a CPS of 32 or higher by simply mastering drag clicking.

Therefore, it is advised that you try to improve as a drag clicker if you enjoy playing competitive video games like Minecraft and want to perform well in them.

How to Drag Click on any mouse?

  • Place your hand over the mouse with your preferred finger pointing downward and softly touching the mouse button either with the tip or pad of the finger which can be either your index finger or middle finger (based on your preference).  
  • Adjust the pressure till you sense the finger kind of “skip” along the mouse.
  • When you start to feel the mouse skipping, gradually raise the pressure till you listen to the mouse clicking.
  • Repeat the process until you can quickly click while dragging your finger on the button and hear a constant clicking sound. Furthermore, you might find it simpler to move your finger all along the button’s inner or outer edge rather than its middle.
  • Try out your improved CPS speed at CPS Test.

How to see if you can Drag Click on any Mouse?

Basically, to test your drag clicks, you would go to a single match, and you would check to see if your mouse can double click. Most drag tests showed that the mouse could easily perform a double click, a triple click, also a drag click whenever users wanted to.

As a result, if the mouse can double click, users can also drag click with ease. If so, all you’d need is a tape to start dragging and clicking.

Best Drag Clicking Mouse

According to conventional opinion, mice like the Corsair M65 and Razer DeathAdder V2 are the ideal mice to utilize in this method because the mouse buttons are integrated into the body of the mouse’s shell. This is because mice built in this way often have a quicker bounce-back time. This maximizes the CPS obtained using this method.

Besides these mice, there are many gaming mice that may suit you. You will also greatly benefit from mice with buttons that have a rougher texture, though you may achieve the same result with virtually any mouse by adding grip tape.

Things you can use to enhance Drag Clicking

Using friction among both your fingertips and the mouse keys is the key to drag clicking. Although there is some friction already, you may add other tapes to strengthen it and make it much simpler to master the ropes.

An excellent alternative is electric tape, particularly because you presumably already have some in your home. It can be divided into small patches and applied to the mouse buttons. Although it isn’t the most expensive item, it should work great for your CPS.

There is a second alternative, though, if you have some more cash to spend and want to ensure that you’re getting the most benefit from your mouse. The innovative electronics company Razer creates almost anything you can imagine.

It is only fair that they would be the firm to release their own, exclusive tape since they even produced an RGB mask. To create the greatest amount of friction, Razer has a special texture on the tape. Not only will it offer you a firm grasp on the mouse, but it will also significantly raise your CPS.

How to install the Tape?

We will now demonstrate how to attach the tape to the mouse. The following are the steps for attaching the mouse tape.

  • Cut the lengthy strip of tape you need for the first step appropriately.
  • After that, all you must do is physically place it on both corners of the mouse at the location where you wish to drag click.
  • Once you’ve put it on, you can drag and click with just a few simple motions.

You can apply this technique with any mouse, but the only issue is that your mouse needs to record the clicks for it to work.

The Best Tape for Drag Clicking

Below are a few drag click tapes we have tried over the course of a month, along with our thoughts on them.

Razer Tape

For us, Razer tape was the priciest, but we are also pleased with the results. Average growth of 1.5 to 2 cps overall. We only see one problem with this: mouse dependence. Yes, Razer mice respond well to it. 

Silicone Grip Tape

This tape has produced outstanding results by utilizing it, we were able to boost clicking speed by two clicks per second. Although it costs more than electric tape, the outcomes speak for themselves. 

Electric Tape

Electric tape strikes us as a reasonably priced and effective alternative. When drag clicking with this, we observe an overall increase of 1.5 CPS.

Best Tape for Drag Clicking
Best Tape for Drag Clicking

Do you really need Tape to Drag Click?

No, the tape is not required to drag and click. Damp fingers are all you need to begin drag clicking and using dry fingers to drag click might be rather difficult. However, some users find it easier to double-click by covering their buttons with tape.

To push a mouse button and make it bounce right back up, you essentially need to drag your wet fingers across the top of one of the mouse buttons. Your program or game will be able to identify multiple clicks because of this process.

Why this fail on some mouse must be on your mind. The reason for this is that a more delicate switch, which is only available on more expensive mouse, is needed so that the switch won’t rebound when your fingers are dragged.

Drag Click on any Mouse without Tape

This process is simple, although you will obviously need a mouse and a finger. As you follow along, gently press down on the computer mouse with your fingers and slide it forward to begin dragging the mouse to click.

Yes, it is that easy. However, it will only function if it has a cursor that is appropriate for this and records clicks. Best of luck with it.

If you own an office mouse, there are no alternative approaches that will work for you; don’t spend your time browsing other websites looking for them.

What to expect from Drag Clicking?

Well, you might be able to gain from a greater CPS if you play actively in games like Minecraft or even FPS shooters. Your ability to deal damage increases as you make more clicks, potentially increasing your overall DPS.

Assume that a typical gamer can click 6.8 to 8.4 times per second. Drag clicking makes it simple to win games by producing 30+ CPS and dealing out more damage. Through practice, you can even increase the number of 30 to greater levels, making you invincible.

When you set your gun to the single fire option in first-person shooter games, you can also use drag clicking in those situations. You can fire more rounds after spotting an adversary and have superb recoil control. To execute this flawlessly, you might want to practice drag-clicking a little more because if done incorrectly, your aim may suffer.

Therefore, my advice is to keep working on it and test it out in various games. Who knows, it could come in handy in games you wouldn’t expect.

Are there any downsides to Drag Clicking?

You have now a solid understanding of drag clicking and how it works. There are a couple of drawbacks, though, which you might want to think about before giving it a try:

  • Tap clicking places a tremendous amount of strain on mouse buttons, substantially reducing their service life.
  • Some Minecraft sites view drag clicking as just an unfair competitive advantage and prohibit players from performing it. Make sure that the server you’re competing on doesn’t specifically forbid tap clicking before you attempt to use the approach.


Can a touchpad be used to drag click?

You cannot drag click using a touchpad, sorry. You need a mouse that allows a drag click to utilize it. Although it might not function if you’re using a mouse that doesn’t properly support it, drag clicking can shorten a mouse’s lifespan even if it does.

Can you use any mouse to drag click?

No, any mouse won’t work for this. You must use gaming mice with a drag click if you want the finest experience. Ones from Razer, Glorious, and SteelSeries, for instance, are among the best images for drag clickers.

Can drag clicking harm your mouse?

Yes, incorrect drag clicking can harm your mouse. Take note that drag clicking can cause your mouse keys to wear down more quickly than normal and that it may also harm your left and right click buttons if applied with too much force or at an odd angle.

How can drag clicking performance be improved?

By using tape to reduce friction between your fingers and mouse button when you drag your fingers across mouse buttons, users can improve the performance of their drag clicking.

Concluding Drag Click CPS Test

You now know everything about drag clicking, how to do it, and its purpose. The following stage is to put it into practice and see if it affects your gaming experiences. The trick, like with everything else, is to practice moderation and be aware of the dangers.

In conclusion, if you have a mouse that specifically allows drag clicking, you are allowed to drag click for as much as you like without thinking about the durability.

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