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Keyboard Response Time Test is an online to check the Latency of your keyboard. Want to see the input delay of your keyboard? Check out!

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What is Keyboard Latency?

The amount of time it takes for a keyboard to acknowledge one stroke is known as keyboard latency. The time interval between moving a key and the relevant USB packet arriving at the USB port is measured in this process. Hence, this is the delay between pressing a key and the instant the action is displayed on the screen.

The figures will be rounded to the nearest 5ms in order to prevent a false precision. You may assess the latency of your keyboard with the keyboard latency test.

Why Keyboard Latency Test Is Important?

Even though most keyboards have adequate latency for programmers or office areas, gaming keyboards with excessive latency might mean the difference between winning and losing.

You want to make sure that each component doesn’t have a lot of latency because the keyboard, laptop, and monitor all add to the delay between your input and the activity being done. Gaming keyboards are made to have the least amount of latency possible, despite the fact that no piece of equipment is truly lag-free.

How is Keyboard Response Time Calculated?

By counting the frames that pass between the time input is supplied and the time the flash appears on the display, test latency for the keyboard is calculated and verified. Then, this value is modified to take into account display, system, and pre-travel latency. According to the findings, each type of link had an average of 12 measurements.

Keyboard Latency Test
Keyboard Latency Test

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Steps for Keyboard Latency Test

This thorough Keyboard Scan Rate Test is being gladly provided so that you guys can quickly determine how quickly the system detects your keystrokes. To start viewing the real-time data on your screen, simply press any key on the keyboard device.

The steps to perform the keyboard response rate test are as follows:

  • Check out for the tester on top of this page.
  • Once you click on the test, the testing tool will open.
  • The tool displays the scan rate in Hz that will tell the speed of your keyboard, it takes to send information.
  • With that there is a Min interval option, that will display interval details
  • Keyboard will be tested when you press the keys, and our testing area will detect the response rate and will display details.
  • You can also reset the data, by pressing the reset option.
  • Moreover, the keyboard response rate, and scan rate details can be downloaded. The option is provided on the tool.

This way you can easily test your keyboard, it is the most efficient tool available there.

Features of this Polling Rate Test

Initially, you can check the keyboard scan rate against every keystroke using this online tool.

Second, you can observe a computer’s response time and how quickly it converts the electronic signal from keystrokes into useful information.

In addition, you may monitor each key that is tapped while using this online application and see how quickly it responds.

The detailed record of the entire session, which includes the response time of every key pressed, is also available for download. You can evaluate your device’s efficiency by doing so.

Additionally, you can restart a new session on our online testing tool by using the reset button for a clean start.


How do I check latency on my keyboard?

There are several methods for measuring keyboard delay. However, the keyboard latency testing tool is the simplest way to determine your keyboard latency. You’ll receive accurate results from this tool quickly.

How can I improve my keyboard latency?

To decrease keyboard latency, you can upgrade drivers, run diagnostic tools, or enter various instructions into the command prompt. A keyboard input delay response could also be caused by a low keyboard battery. Check the keyboard battery, replace it if you can, and make sure it is operating properly.

Is keyboard latency important for gaming?

Yes, the keypad latency is very much important for gaming as it determines the performance of your game. Whether you are winning the game or losing it, is based on the keyboard latency and your keyboard effectiveness.

Is 1000Hz polling rate good for keyboard?

A keyboard’s polling rate, which is expressed in Hertz, is the frequency with which it communicates data to your desktop (Hz). Each key press responds more quickly the faster the polling rate is. For games, a polling rate of 500 to 1000 Hz is recommended at the very least. You can check your keyboard polling rate by using our keyboard polling rate test

How do I check the latency on my keyboard?

A program created specifically for Bluetooth keyboards allows you to quickly check the latency of your keyboard. There is also an online keyboard latency test accessible. Simply visit our website online to assess the input delay test there.

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